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Step Through The Mirror

I totally saw a bunny for the first 1/4 second I saw this…Is that a good thing?

I totally saw a bunny for the first 1/4 second I saw this…

Is that a good thing?

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I am only “great” when you need something…

I kinda want to…

Slap people when someone voice a thought or a opinion about something to someone and they say “Just put up with it till something better comes along”

While they do have a point…do they not realize that “putting up with it” also drives people…fucking crazy at times. How the hell are you to know exactly what that person is going through.

Letting off steam and bitching about things(while actively attempting to change them) can spare your sanity…

Leave them alone unless you can actually help them…otherwise, just listen…

Super Power

I have a super power…it is called “Only interested in girls that already have a boyfriend”


its so easy to be nice i have trouble understanding why so many people aren’t

Because nice usually doesn’t get the girl…

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It began long ago in a land far away to the east, the like of which you will not find in the world today.

Time for Round 2. Thursday Night!

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How little I care…

It’s my birthday…and…it just depresses me to no end…

When I was 16, I had a fake I.D. and decided to go to a gay bar by myself because some friends bailed on me. While there, an older gentleman bought me a drink. He wasn’t a creeper, and he definitely wasn’t unattractive. I accepted the drink and began talking to him. No big deal. As the hour progressed, I felt myself feeling strange. I mentioned that I felt like I had a headache, and this guy helped guide me out of the bar. As we were walking down the street, the thought of, ‘Oh god, he’s drugged me, I’m going to die’ came to my head. I tried to get away, but I was so drugged up that I could barely walk, let alone speak. It also didn’t help that I had really large ‘goth’ platform shoes because I was going through a phase. Anyway, this guy brought me to his suv and began undressing me. As a final act of defiance, I hit him over the head with my platform shoe. He then punched me, and I remember thinking, ‘Why don’t they ever give workshops to gay guys about being victims of rape too?’ While I was as careful as possible, I never saw the guy slip something in the drink. I even watched the bar tender make the drink. Anyway, I lied there completely paralyzed while this pervert was lubing up. I locked eyes with his for a moment, and that’s when it happened. A very large and angry drag queen opened the door of the vehicle and beat the shit out of my attempted rapist. She and her other drag friends helped dress and care for me while the police arrived. I was saved by a group of guardian drag queens. They were basically the modern day ‘angels from heaven.’


I posted this about a year ago, but I love it so I re-blogged.

Edit (14/11/12): This story is not about me. It was copied and pasted from a non-Tumblr blog that no longer exists. I do not know the original source.

It is my birthday in a week…and I don’t even care in the slightest…

“too often, the only escape is sleep.”
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My life…

I hope people know this a line from a Black Sabbath song, N.I.B.

I hope people know this a line from a Black Sabbath song, N.I.B.

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New Millennium
Dream Theater/Falling Into Infinity


Dream Theater - Falling Into Infinity, New Millennium

A single star behind me
A red sky burns ahead
A lonely light below me
Awake among the dead
An overwhelming feeling
Leaves me numb and strange
A sense of new beginning
I sense a wind of change

Out with the old useless
People so cold ruthless welcome
In a new millennium
How many times must I
Live out this nightmare I
Can’t wait until a new millennium

I’ve got this feeling
The tide is turning now baby
Funny feeling everything’s gonna be alright now

Living out a constant deja vu
Keep your head up
Please be patient we will get to you
Keep your head up
Just have some faith and you can see it
Keep your head up
But faith don’t pay the rent that’s overdue
Keep your head up
All that’s glittering is turning blue
Keep your head up
What they want from me ain’t gotta clue
Keep your head up
Swallow pride before it swallows you
Keep your head up
Don’t dare bite the hand that’s starving you
Keep your head up

How can you keep your head
And not go insane when the only light at the end
Of the tunnel is another train

The lies ten feet tall
Have broken my fall
Welcome you all new millennium

It’s well overdue and I can’t wait to
Welcome in a new millennium
I’ve got this feeling
The tide is turning now baby
Funny feeling
Everything’s gonna be alright now

If only everything would be alright…

I want to give up…it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore…